Where to find Relevancers- July Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of July:

Durham, NC Every Tuesday

  • 7pm @ Splat Space1
    Splat Space OpenMeeting2
    Attending: Alan Dipert3, Splat Space founder and Meetup organizer

Durham, NC 7/10
Techcrunch Mini Meetup4 at Tyler'sTaproom5
Relevance is sponsoring this event!

Portland, OR 7/16-7/18
Speaking: AlanDipert3, Clinton Dreisbach7
Talk: Computingwith Clojure8

Burlington, VT 7/28-7/29
Burlington RubyConference9
Speaking: JenMyers10
Talk: Developers Can't Design (And Other Completely Untrue Design Myths)

Chicago, IL 7/31-8/3
Clojure Training11
Trainers: Stuart Sierra12, Luke VanderHart13

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