Better, Faster, Lighter Java gets terrible review

Here's the text of the one-star review.

"This book with its talk of the business "sponsor" was not even spell checked. The code will not compile because in Java declarations are case sensitive. Whole paragraphs are repeated. The content is vague and seems to be more of a rant than an attempt to teach.

Horrible. One star is generous."

This reviewer sent an even more thorough review to O'Reilly directly, but as that was a private email, I'll not repost those comments here.

Mr. Braithwaite may very well have some legitimate points. Our content might be somewhat vague, though I rather like to think of it as "general". I also don't see it as a rant, but a reader who is heavily invested in some of the technologies we target might very well feel ranted at, I suppose.

My only problem with the review? If you find a spelling mistake or an editorial problem, please let us know so it can go on the errata page. Luckily, we were able to figure out where the word "sponsor" was misspelled and add it to our list....

(p.s. the code problems were the result of MS Word's auto-capitalization. We should have caught them nonetheless, but at one point, all that code compiled......and even ran! :) )

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