More Creative Chaos

One of the best parts of working at Relevance is that things never, ever settle down. Name the task and if it has to do with software development, helping the customer or gathering the lunch order, there is probably some Relevancer hard at work trying to find a new (maybe even better!) way of doing it. Of course there is a limit to how much positive chaos a given number of people can inflict, so we are always looking to find great people to join us and inflict more.

Case in point is newly minted Relevancer Kevin Altman. Kevin began his great adventure in life with nothing but a pen and a stack of discarded printer paper. Kevin's overactive imagination made him a natural for a life of design. Kevin gets uncontrollably excited when presented with the opportunity to help someone turn their vision into something real. Illustration, animation, front-end development: these are all weapons he's been known to bring to battle. We have also caught Kevin venturing into the back-end depths of a number of applications. Kevin washed up on Relevance's shore at the end of a two year quest at EA Games. Completely blown away by the culture, the team and the free lunches, Kevin accepted his greatest quest yet: supporting the design team at Relevance.

Also new to the Relevance family is Jen Myers. Jen is a web and interface designer out of Columbus, Ohio. Jen is interested in the user experience, teaching innovation and using design as a tool for communication. She spends the rest of her time writing, watching good movies and raising a future geek girl (no pressure!). Jen also teaches HTML/CSS and organizes the coding education program Girl Develop It Columbus.

Along with Kevin and Jen, we have been lucky enough to land Brenton Ashworth. Brenton wrote his first program on a Commodore 64 to solve math homework problems. After getting distracted for 14 years by an obsession with surfing, he found his way back to his true calling, using computers to solve problems and create things. Brenton has written programs to do everything from predicting the levels of ethyl carbamate in wine to helping companies deal with U.S. Customs claims. Brenton worked on his own for eight years but gave all that up to join Relevance in spreading even more happy chaos.

We would also like to welcome Kat Goetz who, as our accounting manager, makes sure that we know where all of the profits of chaos are going. Good thing that Kat has more than 20 years of accounting experience in industries ranging from telecommunications and construction to public accounting. Kat first came to Relevance as a contract accountant in 2010 and, since she seemed extremely skilled at herding cats armed with credit cards, we just had to bring her on as a regular employee. Kat likes to upholster furniture (really!), read, sew and she spends a lot of time cheering for her kids at various sporting events.

We have also recently sent off a couple of our friends who have decided to try something new. Jess Martin and his wife Elizabeth are moving to Swaziland, Africa to serve for a year with a non-profit called Africa Revolution. They will be living on a farm designed to care for just a few of the 200,000 AIDS orphans in Swaziland. To read more about their journey, check out their personal site.

We have also bid bon voyage to Aaron Bedra who, when he discovered that Relevance was not actually Groupon, decided to give the real thing a try. Lucky for us it took Aaron four years to figure it all out. We did manage to get an interview out of Aaron before he left for the wilds of Chicago.

Jess and Aaron, remember we take the same attitude as the Marine Corps and certain organizations involved in the restaurant linen business: There is no such thing as an ex-Relevancer. Make us proud!


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