ThinkRelevance: The Podcast - Episode 002 - David Liebke on Avout

Hello, and welcome to the second episode of ThinkRelevance: The Podcast. We had so much fun last time that we thought we'd do it again! This time, we talk to David Liebke (@liebke), a developer here at Relevance. The main thrust of our conversation centers on Avout, a Clojure library for managing distributed state in a consistent manner. Avout is pretty cool, and we get to hear David explain it, as well as talk a bit about the source of the names of all David's projects, the book Anathem.

Download the episode here.

In other exciting news, the show now has an actual feed, just like a real, grown-up podcast. You can find it at I'll work on getting the show added to iTunes as the next step.

Also, I believe I forgot to mention this last time, but please send feedback about the show to Thanks for listening!

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