In recent years, the Java community has embraced a variety of new languages that target the JVM, but also offer productivity advantages over traditional Java coding.

One of the most interesting of these languages is Clojure, a "Lisp unconstrained by backward compatibility." In this talk, you will see why Clojure deserves serious consideration as the next big JVM language:

  • Clojure provides all the low-ceremony goodness you know and love from dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python.
  • Clojure's sequence library turns the tables on OO, providing a powerful set of verbs that can work with a small, standard set of nouns.
  • Clojure includes Lisp's signature feature: Treating code as data through macros.
  • Clojure's emphasis on immutability and support for software transactional memory make it a viable option for taking advantage of massively parallel hardware.
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