Where to Find Cognitects- November Edition

Want to meet a Cognitect in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of November:

Reston, VA 11/1-11/3
NFJS Northern Virginia Software Symposium
Speaking: Stu Halloway
Sessions: Clojure in 10 Big Ideas, Narcissistic Design, Simulation Testing with Simulant, Generative Testing, core.async, Get Logical with Datalog

Chicago, IL 11/8-11/10
NFJS Great Lakes Software Symposium
Speaking: Stu Halloway
Sessions: Generative Testing, Simulation Testing with Simulant, Narcissistic Design, Clojure in 10 Big Ideas

San Francisco, CA 11/11
Keynote: Rich Hickey
Talks: Design, Composition & Performance, Core.async - Communicating Sequential Processes using Channels, in Clojure

Las Vegas, NV 11/12-11/15
AWS re:Invent
Attending: Alex Warr, Kelly Ross

Alexandria,VA 11/11-11/13
ClojureScript, Datomic & Pedestal Training
Trainers: Stuart Sierra, Craig Andera, Brenton Ashworth

Alexandria, VA 11/14-11/16
Speaking: Rich Hickey, Stu Halloway, Russ Olsen, Tim Ewald, Timothy Baldridge
Attending: Almost all of Cognitect!

Durham, NC 11/19
West End Ruby Hack Night @ Relevance HQ
Attending: Yoko Harada

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