Relevance Welcomes Jason Rudolph as Principal Software Engineer

We are pleased to announce that Jason Rudolph is joining Relevance as a Principal Software Engineer. Jason brings more than eight years of experience in developing software solutions for domestic and international clients of all sizes, including startups, Dow 30 companies, and government organizations. Jason is the author of the highly-praised book, Getting Started with Grails, and speaks frequently at software conferences and user groups.

Everyone on the Relevance technical team dedicates 20 percent of their time to open source projects. Jason contributes regularly to the open source community, and is a committer to both the Grails project and the Streamlined framework.

Relevance consistently delivers successful software solutions, in part by using the sharpest tools available. On recent projects these tools have included Ruby, Rails, AspectJ, Java, Spring, and Hibernate.

With the addition of Jason and Venkat, Relevance brings Groovy and Grails experience to its portfolio, further equipping Relevance with the right tools to tackle any project.

Welcome, Jason!

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