A Puppet Labs Revolution Powered by Clojure
“Puppet Labs helps tens of thousands of the world’s leading companies manage millions of machines and devices. Companies like Bank of America, Cisco, NYSE, and salesforce.com rely on our software to deploy their own software faster, be more productive, and gain insight into infrastructure configurations and operation.”

Why is Puppet Labs moving all their server-side applications to Clojure? In a word - results. Drastic improvements in performance. Increased scalability. Ease of deployment. In several more words - the power and ecosystem of the JVM, Clojure’s functional strengths of immutability and concurrency, and an active development community. Leveraging their Trapperkeeper library, an open source Clojure framework for composing large-scale applications, Puppet Labs has enabled any organization to up their game for building highly reliable long-running applications and services. 

“Clojure is a functional programming language from top to bottom. This means that code written in Clojure is very modular, composable, reusable and easy to reason about.”
— Chris Price, Principal Engineer

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