Unlocking hidden value in your data

"Sustainable competitive advantage has to be won by creating the internal capacity to improve and innovate - fast and without letup." -- Spear, The High-Velocity Edge

Today, we are making available Vase, a tool we use to unleash our team’s data-driven superpowers.

The constant evolution of technology has a direct impact on business - innovate and deliver value or be left behind.  There's a lot of business value buried in your data.  The quicker and easier it is to unlock that data, the faster you get at that value and use it to do great things for your company and your customers.

At Cognitect, we live and breathe data-driven innovation. Every day we help organizations:

  • Unlock the potential of their data
  • Move into new markets quickly
  • Deliver measurable value

Vase is an example of the ways in which our teams find solutions to these challenges.  Microservices that used to take weeks or months to create only take minutes with Vase. While Vase has proven to be a valuable tool for two years as we continually developed it, it is still beta software, which will continue to evolve.

Vase: Data-driven microservices

Vase is a library for writing declarative, data-driven microservices.  A single HTTP service, complete with database integration and data validation, can be created within minutes.

We achieve this acceleration through Vase’s declarative nature- Vase does all of the mundane data-plumbing of a service, so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.  The microservices we build with Vase easily evolve and grow to meet new business demands.  Individual teams can each evolve their Vase services independently, ensuring that no team is blocked from delivering value.

A Vase Service describes three core parts: your data model, data validation, and HTTP API endpoints.  In upcoming blog posts we’ll walk through how to write each of these sections. To get you going in the meantime, we’ve got a Vase “Todo” sample as a guide and other basic documentation.

Getting started with Vase

Details for getting started with Vase can be found on the project’s GitHub page.  The Getting Started guide will take you through project creation (with the provided Leiningen/Boot template) and general development.

We’ll happily answer questions on the Pedestal mailing list, or on the #pedestal Clojurians slack.

Contact us to find out more about how Cognitect's teams of architects and developers can help your organization unlock the potential of your data. 

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