Let's make clojure.org better!

The Clojure community is full of talented writers and valuable experience, and together we can create great documentation for the language and the ecosystem. With that in mind, we are happy to announce a new initiative to replace the existing http://clojure.org site. The new site will contain most of the existing reference and information content but will also provide an opportunity for additional guides or tutorials about Clojure and its ecosystem. 

The new site content is hosted in a GitHub repository and is open for contributions. All contributions require a signed Clojure Contributor Agreement. This repository will accept contributions via pull request and issues with GitHub issues. The contribution and review process is described in more detail on the site contribution page. 

We are currently working on the design elements for the site but if you would like to suggest a new guide, tutorial, or other content to be included on the site, please file an issue for discussion or create a thread on the Clojure mailing list with [DOCS] in the subject. There will be an unsession at the Clojure/conj conference next week for additional discussion.  This is the beginning of a process, and things will likely evolve in the future.  In the meantime, we look forward to seeing your contributions!

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