Relevance and Metadata Partners Join Forces to Become Cognitect

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Relevance, Inc. has joined forces with Metadata Partners (makers of Datomic) to become Cognitect, Inc. Cognitect maintains all of what made Relevance great – the same team, the same focus on agile development, the same dedication to open source and sharp tools, but is also a vehicle for exploring those sharp tools and leveraging them to build truly modern information systems and solutions.

For all of our friends, customers, and partners who keep up with us here at the blog, know that this change will be purely additive from your point of view. Nothing changes about how we work with you; we now have better alignment around our products and services and will be even better partners.

It is a happy coincidence that this change comes on the heels of our 10-year anniversary. A decade seems like an excellent unit of measure – we've had a fantastic decade with Relevance as a stand-alone entity. We're looking forward to doing even more as part of Cognitect.

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