A Decade

2003; the Space Shuttle Columbia takes its last, tragic flight, and Pioneer 10 sends its final signal. SARS is a thing we are told to fear; the Iraq war begins. Terry Wallis wakes up after 19 years in a coma. The Supreme Court decides that the state has no pertinent interest in the bedroom. China sends its first manned mission to space. The Concorde takes its final flight. Apple releases Panther and is still 10 years away from running out of cats. June Carter and Johnny Cash make it to the far side banks of Jordan.

And Relevance is incorporated. ;)

It took a full two years for us to decide what we wanted Relevance to be - but ever since then, it has been an amazing ride. We moved into our first office in 2006, and are now on our fourth. We've worked on some incredible projects with some incredible clients. We've been a part of several major upheavals in the technical landscape, and we intend to keep up that trend. We had some crazy ideas along the way: RunCodeRun and the Venture Dojo, to name two. We'd like to start by thanking our many clients over those 10 years, the companies and individuals who trusted your vision and your needs to us. You are the lifeblood of our business, and we would have had no purpose without you.

And then there are the people who worked for and with us. For anything that lasts 10 years, there will be great times and bad ones; there will be victories and defeats. And for any list of relationships, some will have been flawlessly excellent and some frayed. The following is a list of everybody we can think of that helped us make it 10 years. Some are or were employees; some contractors. Some are companies we had partnerships with, and some are mentors who helped us along the way. Each and every person or group on this list gave of their time, energy, passion, skill, intelligence and heart, and Stu and Justin want every single person listed here to know how humble and thankful we feel knowing that you did. We could not, quite literally, have made it this long without each of you. From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you.

*\tAndera, Craig

*\tAng, Nick *\tAshworth, Brenton

*\tAuton, Brian *\tAvenoso, Andrew *\tBagchi, Neil *\tBaldridge, Timothy

*\tBass, Matthew *\tBeam, Sam *\tBedra, Aaron *\tBell, Caleb *\tBendyworks, LLC

*\tCalderwood, Bobby

*\tCastle, Muness *\tChamberlain, Naoko

*\tDipert, Alan *\tDistad, Jonathan *\tDominguez, Nicolau *\tDreisbach, Clinton *\tDuncan, Hugo *\tDuty, Holly * EdgeCase (now Neo)

*\tFeathers, Michael * Fields, Jay

*\tHaines, Corey

*\tHudson, Jennifer *\tHumphries, Chad

*\tLebrun, Pierre *\tLeddy, Joseph *\tLiebke, David *\tLitton, Maggie

*\tLong, Jason *\tMack, Daemian * Martella, Matt *\tMartin, Jess *\tMiller, Alex *\tMinter, Wade *\tMorris, Nelson *\tMullen, Don *\tMyers, Jen *\tNeufeld, Ryan *\tNygard, Michael

*\tRedington, Alex * Richardson, Jared *\tRinik, Vojtech *\tRoach, Michelle * Ross, Kelly *\tRomney, Christian *\tRudolph, Jason *\tSanheim, Rob *\tScale Finance

*\tVandgrift, Ben *\tVaughn, Greg *\tViget Labs, LLC *\tWarr, Alex

*\tWarr, Lauren

And I'm sure we missed some. If we did, I am sorry (and if you poke me on Twitter, I'll add you ;). Here's to another 10 years, and another long list of relationships to celebrate.

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