Where to Find Relevancers- May Edition

Want to meet a Relevancer in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of May:

Little Rock, AR 5/4
Made by Few1
Attending: KevinAltman2

Norfolk, VA 5/6 @ 6pm
757.rbRuby Meetup Group3
Speaking: Russ Olsen4: Looking Inside Your Ruby Implementation

Sydney, Australia 5/9
YOW! Night5
Speaking: StuartSierra6: Clojure: Lisp for the Real World

Cambridge, MA 5/9 @ 6:30pm
Clojure Meetup7
Attending: Gabriel Horner8

Sydney, Australia 5/10-5/11
Intro to Clojure Training9
Trainer: Stuart Sierra6

Brisbane, Australia 5/14-5/15
Intro to Clojure Training10
Trainer: Stuart Sierra6

Portland, OR 5/15
Refresh PDX11
Speaker: Michael Parenteau12: The Myth of the Half-Brained Designer And Their Magic Vacuum

Brisbane, Australia 5/16-5/17
YOW! Lambda Jam13
Speaking: Stuart Sierra14: Keynote, Data, Visibility & Abstraction; Datomic Jam

Melbourne, Australia 5/20-5/21
Intro to ClojureTraining15
Trainer: StuartSierra6

Melbourne, Australia 5/21
Speaking: Stuart Sierra6: Clojure: Lisp for the Real World

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