Interesting Happenings During Craftsman Swap

We took part this past week in a Craftsman Swap with our friends at Obtiva. We sent them Aaron Bedra, and they sent us Tyler Jennings. I won't speak for them directly; you can read more about each of their experiences at their blog. I do want to mention that, as part of the swap, Obtiva asked Aaron to take part in their relationship with Mediafly and work on an app for the Hope for Haiti concert that took place last Friday. In one day, the team Aaron was on developed and deployed an app to live stream the concert on the Palm Pre and Pixi. This is worth nothing for more than the obvious goodwill angle (anything to help out with the recovery from the immense tragedy in Haiti is worthwhile) but it also demonstrates the quality of the people at Obtiva that they would think to include Aaron in the team working with Mediafly. So thanks to Obtiva and Mediafly for having Aaron take part, and thanks to George Clooney for coming up with the event in the first place. Don't forget to donate to the Red Cross whatever you can to help out.

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