The Relevant Bits - Labor Day 2010 Edition

The big result of our "20% time" this week is the release of the clojure-conj web site. That, and other bits, are detailed below:

  • It's live! Announcing more details about the (first clojure-conj). And now, you can register for the event itself. Seats are limited, so don't miss out on this great event we've been planning.
  • Chris has been mentoring Fela Winkelmolen on his Ruby Summer of Code project this summer. Congrats to Fela as he has reached the end! Read about his accomplishments.
  • Stuart H started a four week series of an in-house version of The Pragmatic Studio's Clojure Programming course for a large part of the company in the evenings.
  • Chad & Chris each converted a client app over to be on the latest versions of Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3.0 and Bundler 1.0. We feel that these technologies are ready for production use, and so should you.
  • Jared released version 0.4.6 of PDFKit.
  • Aaron released clojure-web, a collection of clojure web recipes.
  • Rob updated New World Order, his Rails 3 template, to be compatible with the final release of Rails 3.0.
  • Stuart S continued his crusade to prepare clojure-contrib for future development and releases. Read his detailed proposal.
  • Stuart S also continued improving upon LazyTest. Check out the 24 commits he's pushed over the last few days.
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