The Relevant Bits - 08/23/2010 Edition

What have we been doing with our "20%" time the past couple weeks? Read on to find out. It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Clojure and Ruby world for us.

  • The (first clojure-conj) was announced. This event is being organized by Clojure/core and Relevance, Inc. Make sure to sign up if you are interested in attending this fantastic opportunity.
  • Clojure/core released Clojure 1.2. If you've been waiting for the official version to be released, the time is now!
  • Alan has been organizing several successful Triangle Hackerspace meetups. Come on by on a Tuesday night if you are in the Triangle area!
  • Rob released a very early version of Nachos, a tool to help you keep all the git repos you care about in sync. Currently it just handles your GitHub watched repos, but feature requests are requested.
  • Shay organized an awesome DevNation in San Francisco, and even delivered a talk about "Getting to Minimum Viable Product."
  • Chris spent a week hanging out at EngineYard hacking on open source software with Carlhuda.
  • Aaron & Stuart S modularized Clojure contrib. Especially if you are a Clojure lib author, read this message.
  • Jason, Jess & Michael released the Venture Dojo website.
  • Stuart S has continued development on Lazytest, his BDD testing framework for Clojure. It is still in an alpha state, but worth checking out to see where he is going with it.
  • Michael released dribbble_desktop, a project for scraping rss feeds of shots from Dribbble.
  • Chad updated his Vimlander 2 config. In addition to other tweaks, he has brought the best Vim config up to MacVim 7.3 compatibility.
  • Aaron, Jon & Stuart H brought labrepl up to Clojure 1.2 goodness. If you are new to Clojure, this is a great way to learn!
  • Jared released version 0.4.4 of PDFKit. If you need to create PDFs, definitely take a look at this library.
  • Alan created a new project reconfig for Reloading configuration files in Clojure daemons.
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