Hacker-in-Residence Update and Call to Action

The Hacker-in-Residence program at Relevance has been a great success so far. Our current crop, Corey Haines and Nick Ang, have been a blast to have at the office, and we've learned a lot from each of them. The best thing about the program is the extended chance to see another style and approach; with 6 to 12 weeks to interact, you can really start to grok how that person approaches technical problems in a way that a day or even a week can't quite illuminate.

We've got open slots coming up, so if you are interested, here's the setup again:

  • Relevance:
  • pays you (this isn't an internship)
  • provides you a place to stay at our expense
  • makes you part of the team, and treats you like any other team member
  • You:
  • get here (Durham, NC)
  • feed and clothe yourself
  • give us 6-12 weeks of ass-kicking hacking
  • teach us what you know
  • hopefully learn something from us too

This crop of hackers has gotten to work with Ruby, Rails, Clojure, RSpec, Cucumber, Spread, Redis, and more. They've worked on giant projects for huge customers, and 1-week projects for immediate deployment. They've sat in on our team retrospectives, risk meetings and retros with clients, strategic planning sessions, and a lot of lunches filled with Indian food and technical rambling. Which means they've just been part of the Relevance team.

If you are a lone wolf looking for a place to hang for a while, or you and your employer have an "open relationship" where you can see other people, and you like the cut of our jib, drop us an email at contact AT thinkrelevance DOT com.

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