On Lisp -> Clojure

I am porting the examples from the macro chapters of Paul Graham's On Lisp (OL) to Clojure.

My ground rules are simple:

  • I am not going to port everything, just the code samples that interest me as I re-read On Lisp.
  • Where Paul introduced macro features in a planned progression, I plan to use whatever Clojure feature come to mind. So I may jump straight into more "advanced" topics.

Please do not assume that this port is a good introduction to Lisp! I am cherry-picking examples that are interesting to me from a Clojure perspective. If you want to learn Lisp, read OL. In fact, you should probably read the relevant chapters in OL first, no matter what.

The Series

Note: Fogus is also porting On Lisp to Clojure.

Other Stuff

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