Participate in a Clojure Case Study

Relevance is seeking a partner for a Clojure case study. Here's the deal:

  • You have a small but non-trivial application slated for development in Java. (Let's say $20K - $50K budget).
  • Relevance builds your application in Java, per your budget.
  • Relevance builds a second version of the application in parallel, for free, in Clojure.
  • You own the Intellectual Property for both the Java and Clojure versions.
  • Relevance produces a case study comparing the two implementations. The case study cites extensively from both codebases.
  • Relevance releases the case study under a Creative Commons License.

If you are interested, give us a call at 919.283.2748, or email stu at

For more about Clojure, check out the home page and these video introductions. For more about Relevance, check out our approach and our list of satisfied clients.

[10/21/2008: updated to make clear that the two versions will be developed in parallel, not in sequence.]

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