Relevance is upgrading the mothership

We're thrilled to announce that Relevance is moving the North Carolina headquarters from the outskirts of Chapel Hill to the heart of downtown Durham. We're in the buildout phase of development now, but expect to be in the new offices by the start of the year.

Why are we moving, you might ask?

For starters, our current offices were designed to hold our company for about three years' worth of growth, but it turns out we underestimated our growth curve by about 2.25 years. The NC office is bursting at the seams, and even though we do an awful lot of pair programming sitting crammed around a table, everybody wants to have a little room to breathe, right?

Secondly, I'm a Durhamite and have wanted to be part of the resurgence of downtown since it really started a few years ago. As we cast around for alternatives to our current space, it became clear we could be part of the rebuilding of the historic districts of downtown, and get a more urban environment for our team to hang out in. Our new office space will have food and drink and fun within walking distance, which you just can't get out in the burbs.

So, we're doubling our space, and building out the perfect working environment for a team of agile, enterprisey code samauri. We'll post some pics of the new digs as the buildout continues. And maybe pics of our mopey faces while we wait for moving day.

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