Latest Relevance Open Source: encrypted cookie store

Aaron just released our latest open source project, EncryptedCookieStore. It turns out that the default cookie session store for Rails is insecure in the worst way: it is simply Base64-encoded (which is French for "plain text"). It is slightly obfuscated, giving the uninitiated a false sense of security, but to anybody who was seen Base64 before, they can probably see the woman in the red dress without even squinting. So, enter the EncryptedCookieStore, a plugin that will truly encrypt the data you are shoving in the cookie. Check it out!

EDIT: Per accurate comments, I need to restate something. The default cookie store is not "insecure in the worst way"; it is, rather, "insecure for the worst developers". It was not MEANT to be secure (from reads). My point was that, some developers might just assume that the default for sessions would be server side storage, and the element of surprise might lead some of them to Do Bad Things(tm). That is all; sorry for the confusion.

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