RubyConf resources for CAS and OpenID

Several people have approached me since RubyConf '07 about posting the slides from my talk. While normally I would not hesitate to do so, in this case, I pause since, well, they suck. They are useless. They were and are merely socially mandated background images, a kind of psychological contract between myself and the audience to prove that I thought about this stuff before I took the stage. The meat of the presentation was all in TextMate and terminal.

So, instead of posting slides, I hereby post the links to all the interesting stuff I talked about, in no particular order:

  • "restful_open_id_authentication": – a plugin for Rails that provides both OpenID based authentication AND regular restful auth against the local database
  • "MyOpenId": – the OpenID server I use for my identity and for demos
  • "ruby-openid": – the gem containing the wrapper bits for all the OpenID http calls and token processing
  • "ruby-yadis": – the Yadis gem can also be found here, which includes directory services for OpenID providers
  • "rubycas-client": – both a gem and a Rails plugin, easily enables authentication via a private CAS server
  • "rubycas-server": – a Ruby/Camping CAS implementation
  • "JA-SIG CAS": – the original Java implementation of CAS, as a distributable .war file

Feel free to drop me a line about any of this information, and I hope the talk was useful!

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