Are you (Spring) experienced?

The No Fluff, Just Stuff tour and Interface 21 have put together the (hopefully inaugural) premier Spring event, The Spring Experience. I've been graced with an invitation to speak; you really can't argue with the lineup: Rod and Juergen will of course be there, as well as Rob Harrop, Colin Sampaleanu, Keith Donald, Alef Arendsen, Ben Alex, Jim Clark, Bruce Tate, Matt Raible, Craig Walls, and Dion Almaer. It will be my first speaking engagement after the birth of my son (he's due in on Nov. 17, everybody knock on wood for me). I hope I'm coherent and awake when the time comes.

In any case, I'll be speaking on Spring Security, Spring MVC and (assuming it all works out) Spring and Mule. The show is a great lineup, and, c'mon, Bal Harbour in December? Who WOULDN'T want to be there? I'm looking forward to meeting all the folks I haven't met yet and trying not to embarrass myself with all the other fabulous speakers. Check it out, and we hope to see you there!

For those in the Boston area, you can get a taste of what's coming as I'll be giving a Spring overview at the NEJUG meeting on August 11th.

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