Chris Nuernberger - Cognicast Episode 153


In this episode, Ghadi talks to Chris Nuernberger about libpython, pandas, crypto currency and the Tango.

Our Guest, Chris Nuernberger

Our Host, Ghadi Shayban


And finally, when you need a break you might try ballet or the tango.


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  • Episode cover art is by Russ Olsen doing his best Jonny Quest improv.
  • Audio production is by Russ Olsen, Joe Smith and Jaret Binford
  • The Cognicast is produced by Kim Foster
  • The music at the very beginning of the podcast is Crazy G, played by Russ on a tenor ukulele.
  • Main theme music is by Ben Kamphaus, who produces music as PatternShift. If you like his music you can find more on most streaming services.
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