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our team of experienced developers, designers and coaches have worked in a variety of industries - bringing a passion for software and systems wherever the need exists.  Here are just a few examples.

Whether working with Global 5 banks, disruptive startups, or established companies in the financial technology sector, we work with technology teams to focus on their customer experience. We've helped large banks revolutionize their risk management systems, and we've helped a tiny startup revolutionize the retail credit market in Brazil. What can we do for you?

In health care, there is an ever-increasing need to provide the right data to the right people - and in the sciences, to expand the ability to track and share data across company and national boundaries. We've helped companies reshape how the United States government thinks about its veterans' health data, and we've helped change the way doctors learn about and interact with their patients. What can we do for you?

It wasn't so long ago that brick and mortar stores were the bedrock of the retail economy. Now, companies have to reach their customers online, and engage them through new experiences to keep them as customers. We've helped established retail brands rethink their online strategy, and helped startups born online build more robust, secure systems. What can we do for you?

"Software is eating the world." In an age where every company is a software company, for some, software is an enabling factor, and for others, core to their very identity. We've helped leverage a lifetime of software experience to help those companies envision and deploy new systems - moving to the cloud, rethinking their data solutions, and innovating faster than ever. What can we do for you?

The way we entertain ourselves has metamorphosed over the last decade - how we choose new experiences, and the ways we consume them, have migrated online at maximum speed. We've helped existing brands reach new customers and provide a better engagement experience for them, and we've helped a young gaming company craft an entirely new development experience for their open source game engine. What can we do for you?

from the freshest startup to the largest business, for 14 years we've worked with teams who were eager to innovate and UNAFRAID TO EVOLVE. Our purpose is to help them imagine the future, and deliver it.

Walmart worked with our teams to create a robust data management system that supports over 5,000 stores and integrates online and mobile data.

Case Study
"Our Clojure system just handled its first Walmart black Friday and came out without a scratch." - via Twitter, 11/28/2014
- Anthony Marcar, Senior Architect

Disrupting the financial services industry with superior technology - Nubank uses Datomic to power their nimble, elastic microservices platform.

Case Study
Datomic has helped us solve really hard business problems and, frankly, make impossible business problems possible for us.
- Edward Wible, CTO

LookingGlass worked with Cognitect and leveraged Clojure to build a next generation threat intelligence platform that was both robust and agile.

Case Study
Largely because of this partnership with Cognitect, LookingGlass successfully delivered a threat intelligence platform to the marketplace capable of housing more than a billion discrete threat observations overlaid on a global internet topology, while returning general purpose search results within seconds.
- Chris Wood, Director of Engineering

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