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Datomic Support

We provide you with assurance that you can get help with any problem you run into with Datomic. Whether your developers need help during the build or you run into challenges in production, we are here to help. We want to make Datomic a safe choice for your company.

  Pro Enterprise Support
Price One year of support is included with your Pro edition license. Negotiated
Who needs it? Anyone who buys "Pro" edition Organizations that are adopting Datomic across the company
How do you get it? Purchase a "Pro" edition license Negotiated
How can you reach us? Private email, Support form Email, Support form, Skype, Phone 24x7, direct contact with a dedicated Technical Account Manager
Acknowledgement 1 hour Immediate
Response 2 business days By Severity Level
Minimum term N/A Negotiated
Phone Issues per Month 0 Negotiated
Named Support Contacts 1 Negotiated

Platform Support

We have created some of the sharpest tools in the business. We believe this platform is a better way to develop software, and we want you to have confidence using and deploying these tools. Open source doesn't mean you're on your own any more.

We offer developer support, production support, and architectural review services for companies and teams deploying our platform, including Clojure, ClojureScript and EDN.

Please contact us for pricing and packages.

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