We stand behind everything we build, 24x7.

Cognitect stands behind all its work - and we are pleased to offer our customers and community the ability to assure their systems via our Enterprise Support offerings, covering Datomic, the Cognitect open source platform, and our custom implementations.

Datomic support from the experts who built it.

Your data is important to you, so you need to have confidence in your database. You can rely on us for 24x7 support whether you're in development or production.

Contact support@cognitect.com. Or, call us at 919.283.2748 (and dial *3).

We also provide support through community channels. Please use any or all of the following channels to ask questions and get help:

#datomic on IRC

Clojure & Platform Support

You might be getting your feet wet with our open-source tools. Or you might be ready to push finished applications into production. Wherever you are in Clojure Platform adoption, we're there for you. You can lean on us for 24x7 support.

Have a question about support? Contact support@cognitect.com. Or, call us at 919.283.2748 (and dial *3).


Assistance, with Assurance & Confidentiality

  • Open source doesn't mean "you're on your own" any more.
  • No matter where you are in adopting the sharpest tools available, you can count on our support.
  • We can help your developers get started.
  • If you've already started to employ our tool set, we can help with any issues you encounter.
  • And, if you're running in production, we're there for you too.
  • We are delighted with the vibrant communities around each of our tools. Sometimes, however, you don't want everyone to hear about what you're doing. Our support cases are confidential.

Have a question about support? Contact support@cognitect.com

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