Leverage information to build a smarter business.

Many data management systems and tools help you keep track of ‘now’, but fall short in keeping track of the historical facts. And yet, historical facts are what distinguish information from data. Without information over time, you can’t spot trends and make good predictions and decisions. Meanwhile developers increasingly are being asked to deliver smarter systems, and their data-oriented tools are letting them down.

At Cognitect, we always retain a focus on information. And we recognize that it’s not just about collecting and retaining information, but leveraging that information. Our products and services are about routing information through the decision-making process, algorithmically or visually, and enabling smarter systems as a result.

Our team can help you build true information-centered solutions

From architecture and planning, to coding, to ground-breaking visualizations, to operations and deployment, our team can help you build information systems for today's problems.

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Datomic is a database of information

Datomic is a database of information - facts through time. Understand your data now, in the past, and into the future.


The Cognitect platform is focused on data and information

Our open source tools emphasize the power of data, making it easier to reason about and reveal information.

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