We are Cognitect.

The cloud information company.

Cognitect, Inc. is the merger of two companies with a combined 14 years of history building software and delivering results to customers. Relevance, Inc. spent its first 11 years in business as a premier agile enterprise development company, while Metadata Partners spent its first 3 years building and supporting Datomic. This is a match made from parallel visions for the future of software - a future where companies embrace the cloud to grow their businesses and bring the power of simplicity to information and information systems. By combining the breadth of Relevance's services, development teams and people-focused processes with Metadata Partners' innovative products and open source tools, Cognitect is positioned to help our customers:

  • Leverage information to build a smarter business:

    We focus on information over data. Our products and services are about routing information through the decision-making process, algorithmically or visually, and enabling smarter systems as a result.
  • Leverage the cloud as an engine for growth:

    The cloud shouldn’t just be about doing things more efficiently, it should be about doing new things. And doing things well in the cloud means using tools and techniques designed for it. We design products and services specifically for this environment.
  • Leverage simplicity to build robust systems faster:

    The key to tackling large systems and dynamic requirements is simplicity. We focus on simple tools and services, each about one thing, that can be composed to solve large problems.
  • Cognitect takes everything that made our two companies unique, then adds so much more on top - this alignment means we can focus on building truly modern information solutions for our customers.

    Justin Gehtland Relevance co-founder and CEO
  • I'm thrilled to be working with this excellent team, and look forward to designing and building next-generation products and services for our increasingly virtualized future.

    Rich Hickey author of Clojure and Datomic, and Metadata Partners co-founder
  • This merger formalizes a 5-year working relationship. As Cognitect, we are the only team that can offer development, service, and support from the builders of Clojure, ClojureScript, and Datomic.

    Stu Halloway Relevance co-founder and President

Cognitect expands our mission through:

  • Enterprise-level support: Cognitect gives our customers the confidence to adopt the most innovative tools by offering a suite of support options for our products, open source platform and our custom solutions, up to and including 24x7 support.
  • Increased pace of development: Having a larger team of expert technologists focused on a core set of tools and products accelerates our ability to innovate across all our offerings.
  • Enhanced community support: We are dedicated to the developers who have adopted our open source tools. Cognitect is positioned to advance the platform and engage the community to continue improving it for all developers.

Justin Gehtland is chief executive officer of Cognitect, Stuart Halloway serves as president, and Rich Hickey as chief technical officer. Jennifer Hudson is the chief financial officer; Mike Nygard and Tim Ewald both serve as vice presidents of Cognitect.

ThinkRelevance: The Podcast is now The Cognicast.

About Metadata Partners (makers of Datomic)

Metadata Partners is the provider of Datomic, a transactional database of time-based facts, designed to take advantage of the cloud. Founded in 2010, Metadata Partners, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in New York.

About Relevance, Inc.

Relevance is a leading custom software development team focused on helping companies release better software, faster, through technical expertise and a laser focus on the people part of the process. Relevance's team provides expert skill at every stage of development, from visual and system design and architecture, to development, to operational deployment and beyond. Relevance was founded in 2003 and is a privately held company headquartered in North Carolina.

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