Datomic: A distributed database for serious information systems.

Datomic is a database of flexible, time-based facts, supporting queries and joins, with elastic scalability, and ACID transactions.

Most enterprise databases in use today were architected before the advent of modern, ephemeral hardware infrastructures. Many recent databases, built to enhance scalability, demand tradeoffs many organizations may not want to make. Datomic was built with the cloud in mind, to create a dynamically scaling data solution that combines traditional database features like ACID transactions, queries and joins, with new capabilities like complete history, and the ability to leverage many different storages.

Travel through time

Datomic is built on immutable data; facts are never forgotten or overwritten. This means complete auditability is built in from the start - including the transactions that modify your database. And because Datomic is built on immutable data, you can explore possible future scenarios by issuing transactions against a database and decide to commit them only after verifying the results.

Experience real elasticity

Datomic was built with ephemeral hardware infrastructure in mind - during peak load or for major analytic jobs, you can scale the query side of Datomic by simply increasing the number of peers. When load disappears, release the resources back to the cloud. Experience the value of elastic capability all the way down your application stack, right to the data layer.

Case Studies

  • Disrupting the financial services industry with superior technology - Nubank uses Datomic to power their nimble, elastic microservices platform.

    Read the case study.

    You couldn’t even conceive of doing this on a traditional relational database.

    Edward Wible CTO
  • Pellucid uses Datomic to expand the speed, power and scalability of its data analysis tools.

    Read the case study.

    That saved us months in development. We simply couldn't do it without Datomic. Combined with DynamoDB, it gives us rich querying capabilities, but without the headaches typically associated with scaling and managing an SQL database.

    Dustin Whitney CTO
  • Rally uses Datomic to add real-time collaboration features to its backend datastore.

    Read the case study.

    Telling our customers when things change in real-time is valuable but it's been hard to do. Datomic makes it possible and easy to use. Our dashboards update without ever having to refresh the screen.

    Eric Shiflet Product Manager
  • The Brigade quickly created a social music application for Spotify using Datomic.

    Read the case study.

    I am beyond impressed with the flexibility. We can be responsive to our customer's evolving requirements. The bounds of Datomic are so far away that I have not found them yet.

    Chris Jones
  • Room Key works with Cognitect and leverages Clojure and Datomic to build a rapidly scalable, highly agile cloud-based hotel search engine.

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    [We] knew Cognitect would provide the kind of support we needed. They have been our partner in every sense of the word. They resolved most of the few problems we encountered before I got to them.

    Colin Steele CTO
  • VitalReactor uses Datomic and Clojure to build doctor/patient collaboration tools with an incredibly agile information model.

    Read the case study.

    Datomic...can be treated as a distributed, indexed virtual memory system supporting cluster-wide transactional updates and explicit consistency.

    Ian Eslick Founder, CEO
  • Cicayda used Clojure, Datomic, and ClojureScript to build a robust, multi-tenant cloud hosted SaaS that allows clients to manage diverse data and load profiles.

    Learn how they used the familiar principles of Clojure to build this legal data service.

    Datomic has given us a ton of leverage, including being able to track how things happened and taking read scaling for granted.

    Caleb Phillips Lead Developer

Why Datomic?

Information Through Time

Datomic is a database of information - facts through time. Understand your data now, in the past, and into the future.

Built for the Cloud

Architected specifically for the cloud, Datomic enables your database to run reliably in an ephemeral environment.

ACID Semantics

From its consistent transactions, immutable memory, built-in caching and events, to its lack of sharding, manual caching, cluster configuration and other hassles, Datomic's simplicity is likely to infect the systems that use it as well.

We offer Datomic support.

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