Leverage the cloud as an engine for growth.

You’d like to cut costs, reduce provisioning time, and be more agile in bringing up new systems, and the cloud promises to enable that. Like many others, your experiences moving systems to the cloud might be mixed, or negative. It’s quite common for initial cloud deployments to consist primarily of moving systems designed for the data center onto a cloud platform. But the cloud is unlike a data center in many ways, differing in ephemerality of instances and storage, connectivity, failure modes, availability, latency… the list goes on and on. There’s a sense in which moving data center oriented systems to the cloud is doomed to yield less than satisfying outcomes.

We think the cloud can and should be an engine for growth. The cloud shouldn’t just be about doing things more efficiently, it should be about doing new things. And doing things well in the cloud means using tools and techniques designed for it. At Cognitect, our products and services are designed specifically to support this distributed, virtualized model.

Our professional services team has deep experience with the cloud

Our teams have helped customers not only build solutions targeting public and private clouds, but have helped them architect their own cloud infrastructure.

Project Consulting

Datomic is architected for the cloud

Datomic can leverage highly-available, distributed storages, and is built to provide linear dynamic scaling for queries, taking advantage of the benefits of ephemeral hardware infrastructure.


The Cognitect platform is ideally suited to the cloud

Our open source platform is ideally suited to use in the cloud - our focus on composability, immutability and data provides a better set of tools for building new types of systems in the cloud.

Cognitect Platform